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SHOPPING As expected for this destination, shopping options are limited and do not include trendy, roomy, air-conditioned modern shopping malls (as found elsewhere). Instead, Zanzibar thrives on the sale of traditional merchandise (ranging from African garments, to fine wood carvings, art works, brassware and other souvenir-type goods). On that note, Stone Town is filled with […]


6 Degrees South Grill and Wine Bar

6 Degrees South Grill and Wine Bar (Plot 60, Waterfront, Shangani Street, Stone Town, Zanzibar City) – this is a popular hangout spot during the early evenings, when patrons order drinks at its rooftop bar and watch the sunset. DJs are usually on hand to play House and Ibiza-style “chillout” music. Many visitors say this […]


Hamamni Persian Baths

Hamamni Persian Baths (Soko Ya Mohogo, Stone Town, Zanzibar) – built by Sultan Said Barghash in the last 19th century, these were the first public baths in existence in Zanzibar. Although they are no longer functioning, the Persian Baths are maintained in near-perfect condition. To go inside the baths, one must ask the caretaker, living […]


About Zanzibar

Zanzibar (a semi-autonomous part of the East African nation of Tanzania) consists of two large islands (Zanzibar — a.k.a. Unguja, and Pemba) along with a chain of smaller ones. It was a trading base for Middle East traders going as far back as the Persians (who reputedly built the first mosques in East Africa). By […]


Dr. Livingstone’s House

Dr. Livingstone’s House (Malawi Road, Zanzibar) — this building is named for the well-known and respected missionary-cum-explorer, Dr. David Livingstone, who used it as a base for his wanderings. During the second half of the 19th century, several other European missionaries and explorers, such as Burton and Speke, used it as the starting point for […]


Abyssinian Maritim

Abyssinian Maritim (Vuga Roundabout, Stone Town, Zanzibar City) – located in the center of Stone Town, this restaurant serves mainly Ethiopian dishes and won accolades on TripAdvisor.com. With its interior décor celebrating Ethiopian culture, patrons can sample cuisine from that East African country, as well as its celebrated coffee. First-time visitors can walk in and […]